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MWNW (#webnotwar) Recap

I attended Make Web Not War conference yesterday (May 7, 2011).
Morning session started with a relatively long keynote by Karl Dubost, then I moved to the other room to check out the tech presentations.
The room was full, but I gladly sat my ass on the cold concrete and listened to Chris Nicola talked about Nancy, a cross platform open source MVC Web framework. After that, John Bristowe was up who talked about CANVAS/SVG and HTML5. John’s presentation in my opinion was the best of the day. He shared a long list of open source/APIs to help developers build all kinds of cool stuff. Then it was lunch time.
After lunch since my cold ass couldn’t take anymore of sitting on the concrete (at by the way beautiful Masiq Studios in Vancouver), I decided to stay in the bigger presentation room and listen to a couple of guys ranting about their Facebook marketing business!
Dave Hume (@dbhume) was up next and he talked about his mandate to promote openness in provincial government.
Immediately after that it was time for Open Data panel: Dave Hume, Kevin McArthur(@kevinsmcarthur), Sarah Schacht(@sarahschacht) , me(@innopal) and Donna Horn(@inspiricity) was the moderator.

Donna started by asking us questions about challenges and opportunities in open data for both developers and also government.
It was a great discussion and audience got into it too by asking very interesting questions like:
- What are the most interesting data you’d like to see open?
- How would you deal with Harper government who closed The Coordination of Access to Information Requests System (CAIRS)?!!!
- What are the possible business models and challenges for businesses dealing with open data?
Kevin talked about challenges for developers including the licensing, availability, quality and format of data and also how the ownership of data is different in US and Canada.
Sarah talked about OpenGovWest and the challenges they have in US including standardization of their open platform.
Dave talked about how we have come a long way in provincial government to open up government data for innovation by community.
I took a few questions too. Overall, I think it was a very dynamic and informative panel discussions and I think Donna did heck of a job running the panel.

open data panel
webnotwar opendata
Afternoon sessions continued by a mini-democamp with open data theme. Total four presentations each for 5 minutes. Kevin McArthur presented, Jeff Jacob showcased their new OGDI based website for the city of Nanaimo. was another great presentation. My demo was unfortunately cut short due to failed internet connection, but I have submitted my app to Zune marketplace and I will post a link to it in this blog as soon as it is available in the market. So. If you have a Windows phone 7, could download it for free and try it out.
Although WiFi availability was an issue all day long but I think overall Nik Garkusha(@Nik_G) and his team did an amazing job and I am looking forward to Make Web Not War 2012.

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  1. Nik's Gravatar Nik
    May 10, 2011    

    Thanks for making it to the Make Web Not War, and being part of the “opendata afternoon”. Even though I wasn’t there, I followed on twitter and to me sounded like it was a really engaging panel & interesting democamp. Thanks again for taking your time to be there!!


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