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New Mission


We have a new mission at ADAPLEX. We are building a social marketplace platform where people in Victoria BC could offer their unique experiences to the community and the people from all around the world.

Victoria is a great city with an extremely engaging community with tremendous amount of knowledge and experiences to offer. I travel quite a bit and meet a lot of people from Canada or other countries and in many cases they have the impression that Victoria is a boring city and there is nothing to do and some only know very few exciting activities to experience in this town.

I decided to do something about it!

The plan is to build a community marketplace where people can discover, book, and host amazing experiences and activities.
Whether it’s getting a tennis lesson or taking a group to a hiking adventure on a trail, or watching the sunset from a private sailboat,
our mission is to connect people with vibrant and creative hosts who want to share their talents and passion about the things that they love to do.
We are currently in development process but we are excited about what it is in the pipeline and cannot wait to share what we are building with all of you.
Stay tuned!

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