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Why open government works?

wordcloudgovfreshA long time ago a guy named Dee Hock (WIKI) who was a banker (founder of VISA) and a pioneer in complexity science explained the concept of bottom-up management. He believed that in complex organizations a traditional top-down superior-subordinate based
management is bound to fail.

In chaos theory dynamical systems can be modeled by bifurcation diagrams. A dynamical
system usually fluctuates (bounces) between equilibrium points and chaotic
areas. What Dee Hock explained in his book was that bottom-up management will
keep an organization on the edge of chaos and that is the critical area where
most of the interesting behaviours will emerge.

In bottom-up management subordinates do most of the management. They manage themselves, their peers and their superiors.

The superiors (managers) just provide the required space and facilities for their subordinates. This style of management is very
organic and self-organized. It encourages initiatives and managers are basically facilitators.

Open government/Open data is a similar concept. Governments open the data to
public. A self-organized group of individuals get together (in hackathons, user
groups, democamps, etc) and come up with ideas, build applications and publish
them. Citizens take advantage of these applications (mostly in no cost) to address their various needs.
The result is a sustainable society with citizens that are more informed and more engaged and encouraged to take initiatives.

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