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Mental Strength

Magnus on right, me on left.

Magnus on right, me on left.

Magnus Eliasson a good friend of mine and the most dominant Racketlon athlete in the history of the sport,
defines Mental Strength as ability to forget about the past and to disconnect from the future.
Let’s say you are in a competitive tennis match (best of 3) and you are a set down and a break in 2nd set and you just missed an easy volley and it’s back
to deuce and it is still 5-3 and you failed to break to get back in the match.
What would you do? If you would keep thinking about the missed volley and think that
this game is going to be possibly the last game of the match and you are going to lose, it is going to impact your return and your opponent will take over the point
and he will serve for the match after that point. If you chose to do that my friend you are what is called mentally weak!
What strong-minded players do instead is that they block out any thoughts about their previous mistakes and disconnect from the future meaning that they don’t
think about the fact that this could be the last game and they could be 2 points away from the loss.
Their sole focus at that moment is executing the plan and winning the point.
Magnus’s definition applies not just to racket sports but in all life endeavours.
Magnus is currently running a Mental Training business in Stockholm, Sweden and he calls his methodology MFT (Mental Fulfilment Training). Check out his website here.

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